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Sculpture by Terry Mathews

Terry Mathews is a sculptor who has been working with Milliput for many years.  He has very kindly sent us some excellent photographs for our Case Study Page.

Mostly he uses clay or plasticine to create the original model to make the mould from which the wax is formed in the process of casting a bronze sculpture. These materials are usually modelled on an armature or skeleton of firm wire or metal rods. However for smaller models of birds he frequently uses Milliput as, once set, it can be treated quite roughly without any damage or alteration of form. The Jacana that is pictured was created this way.

Another way that he utilises Milliput is to create a skull of the animal that he is about to make in, this was especially helpful as in the case of the Hippo pictured, he needed to open the mouth and have the dentition in the correct order.


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