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I found a substantial and costly terracotta pot at our local garden centre which had damage to the base. Because of the damage I picked it up for a fraction of the original price. I knew there was a good chance a pack of Milliput Terracotta would restore the loss at the base. 

I used a lump of Plastiline from Alec Tiranti to take a mould of a sound part of the base. Popped into the fridge to firm it up. Having wetted the broken section I worked some thoroughly mixed Milliput Terracotta into the gap. Offered up the mould to the Milliput to achieve a form on which to work. Using a sponge, water and a wooden spatula I slowly sculpted the Milliput to match the base. It produced a really great finish and when dry an almost invisible terracotta match. My first time attempt with terracotta so next time should be easier!

After moulding and shaping the base I keyed the surface of the pot then masked the areas to be left as terracotta including the repair.  Found my "Lazy Susan" from the garden table and covered it with a newspaper mask.  I sprayed the pot as I carefully turned the base of the "Lazy Susan". This produced a really even coverage with comparative ease. 

The Aspidistra is really happy!

What a wonderful result, thank you for a great product.


Brian Jenkyn. Bury St Edmunds



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