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Take a look at how some of our customers have been using Milliput to improve their crafts and DIY projects in the case studies below.

Case Studies

Cardinal Bird

I started using Milliput over thirty years ago to make tiny figurative pieces. However, I am much more interested now in larger scale pieces and I use Milliput as the final surface on these larger pie...

Coleham Pumping Station

SHREWSBURY STEAM TRUST, COLEHAM PUMPING STATION, SHREWSBURY We were recently contacted by Keith Rees from the Shrewsbury Steam Trust.  Keith and a dedicated group of volunteers are currently re...


I have been making and selling my own porcelain dolls and artefacts for twenty years and could not manage without Milliput.  Every single item has begun with a Milliput model, or, in the case of ...

Figures by Gillian Robinson

Here's Gillian's article on her experiences with Milliput: "I have been making detailed figures using Milliput for museum displays and private collectors for the last 18 years. The commissions tend t...

Mark McLeish

My work as an artist confronts inclusive characteristics from collections of vast materials. I am interested in the complexities of the makings of souvenirs and how stuff becomes evidence for personal...

Milliput Cannon- Lathe Turning

This is an award winning Cannon made by Cuban Artist and Modelmaker Lazaro Eduardo Garcia Driggs. Driggs used Milliput as one of the principal materials, and has done in all his works since 1993. As...

Model Aircraft

Diverse Images 1/72 scale Junkers Ju87G-2 ‘Stuka’ At Diverse Images Milliput has always been a vital material used in the process of sculpting and producing our pewter aircraft models. ...

Restoring a Lute Player

Amongst all the many skills that a restorer must master, replacement of lost and damaged parts is arguably one of the most difficult. A restorer often replicates missing parts in order to enhance a da...


Produced by Marcus Cassar The whole model is self supporting.  The legs are made first by making three different sections: the main claw,  the middle and the upper which connects to the tho...

Sculpture by Terry Mathews

Terry Mathews is a sculptor who has been working with Milliput for many years.  He has very kindly sent us some excellent photographs for our Case Study Page. Mostly he uses clay or plasticine t...

Student Medal Project

STUDENT MEDAL PROJECT Marcy Leavitt Bourne is Director of the Student Medal Project, which celebrates its 20th year in the 2013 Project.    It is organized  through the British Art...