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Take a look at how some of our customers have been using Milliput to improve their crafts and DIY projects in the case studies below.

Case Studies

China Restoration

Tim Sharp: "This is a restoration I carried out on an early eighteenth century candlestick group.(the Vienna Porcelain Factory of the Du Paquier period). The first picture shows it in the white stat...

Sci-Fi Models - Luca Zampriolo

Luca Zampriolo is a professional mecha modeller from Italy and we are delighted to feature some of his work. Here's what he had to say about Milliput: "My company, Kallamity, produces sci-fi resin mo...


The original use I found for Milliput was setting glass eyes in carved heads and this is still one of my main uses for it. Here's a Grouse head after most of the carving has been done.   Th...