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About the Milliput Company

In 1968 Jack and Lena Rickman founded The Milliput Company to manufacture a two-part epoxy putty for Industry and DIY markets. Standard (Yellow/Grey) Milliput was the first grade produced which, when equal quantities were mixed together, cured to a hard finish and then could be sanded, drilled, filed, moulded, turned and painted.

It was during 1970 that modellers worldwide soon began adopting Standard (Yellow/Grey) Milliput to fill gaps in metal models, converting stock figurines, making buildings and scenic base work and for the production of master models for commercial purposes. Both amateurs and professionals have come to rely on Milliput for the production of superbly detailed and refined miniatures.

In 1979 Lena and Jack moved The Milliput Company to larger premises in Dolgellau, Mid Wales which enabled the product to be developed further. In 1982 porcelain restorers using Milliput in their work requested a white putty which would suit their needs more readily than the Standard (Yellow/Grey) grade that launched the Company. Silver Grey Milliput was formulated and a little market research revealed military modellers liked the new colour too. However, the pressure was on for a ‘pure white’ putty and Superfine White Milliput followed in 1983 becoming instantly popular for restorers and, once again, another great success for the Company. Demand for other colours continued and in 1992 Terracotta Milliput was introduced for the repair of terracotta pots, urns, brickwork, quarry tiles etc. Black Milliput went into production in 2007 for restorers working with marble, slate, ceramics, cast iron and ebonised wood.

In 1991 The Milliput Company received official recognition of their efforts with a prestigious ‘Rural Enterprise Award’ from the Development Board for Rural Wales.

Jack and Lena retired from the business and handed over the running of the company to their son Eddie and his wife Jane, successfully maintaining the 'family' stamp on the Company for the future. Their son Stephen joined the business in 2006.

Milliput is located in Dolgellau, a small town in the the beautiful Snowdonia National Park