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Repairing Terracotta Pots

A Simple Guide To Repairing Terracotta Pots

Compared with some of the miracles of porcelain restoration performed by our customers the repair of large terracotta garden pots is simplicity itself. Nevertheless even the repair of a plant pot calls for a degree of know-how and skill.

  1. Make sure you scrub the pot to remove grease and dirt.
  2. Knead equal amounts of the two sticks for 5 minutes until the colours become uniform. Mix slightly more Milliput than you think will be required.
  3. Moisten the crack and firmly apply the Milliput, pressing with your fingers and thumbs.
  4. At this stage, the two pieces of the pot could be pushed together with the putty stood proud of the crack
  5. A spatula is ideal for working the putty into the crack. Keep the tools and putty moist. A sponge/wet cloth would come in useful.
  6. Leave it for an hour or so until the Milliput reaches the stage when it will cut cleanly with a sharp knife. Wet a sharp knife and cut off the surplus.
  7. The following day, mix sufficient Milliput to cover the area of the crack on the inside. With a wet spatula feather the Milliput onto the good part of the pot. Leave until fully hardened.



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