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Produced by Marcus Cassar

The whole model is self supporting.  The legs are made first by making three different sections: the main claw,  the middle and the upper which connects to the thorax. Each section is joined by a piece of flexible wire. Once the legs are positioned I then use more Milliput on the actual joints to secure them in that position marking each in turn, the most important joints being the hips as they have to be effective, strong and also look like part of the sculpt.

After the legs set I then go about using the Milliput in a more organic fashion molding it with lots of water until I get the alien spider like leg effect. I use various types of sculpting tools to add detailing to each leg.

For the upper body I had to use a technique where household tin foil is essential for reducing weight,  namely I make a rough shape out of the foil then mold Milliput around it forming the torso, arms and back pack.  Once the foundations set I can then go about adding the detailed armour. I use a belt sander (sounds extreme) it is the quickest and simplest way of achieving the razor sharp definition that Milliput is capable of.  I then revert to the dremmel and different cutting heads for the various detailing before then using wet and dry sand paper.  The Milliput Standard Yellow/Grey is great at taking a really smooth glass like finish.

Once all the major components are finished I then get down to the nitty gritty finer sculpting touches.  The faces on the back pack, for instance. are all wet sculpted using a fine artist paintbrush to get a smooth even look which wouldn’t be achievable by sanding.

On the whole a lot of sanding, a lot of carving and a lot of patience. The Milliput surprised me by being strong enough to hold not just the torso's weight but quite a bit more.

I  tried other epoxy putties when I first started out but nothing gives the results I’ve had with Milliput.  Great product.

I do undertake commission work if you wish to see more here are the links to my gallery etc. See here.


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